Suleyman Pekbeken : July 1935 – December 2010

‘I remember my father being shrewd with his money which is good when you need to support a family of six on a low income. Despite this, he had a very charitable nature, always willing to help those less fortunate than himself. I hadn’t realised how far his charity extended until his death when all those he had helped came to his funeral and spoke of his generosity. Not only had we lost a good father but also a great man’.

Nihal Pekbeken

Mokkadus Ali : March 1933 – January 2004

‘My father was a man of business but, to him, money was a means to an end. He was driven by the need to support his family and friends which also extended to the poor and helpless.  People turned to him for support not only on financial matters, but also for resolution of family feuds and land disputes. He was not only seen as generous man but also one of sound judgement with the ability to be truly fair. He is a great loss to me, I miss him sorely’.

Mohammed Ali


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