The Pekbeken-Ali Foundation is a currently going through Charity Status with the UK Charity Commission and managed by the 3 trustees listed below.

Mohammed Ali (Founder)

Born and raised in London, I work as an SAP consultant and have worked for a number of global companies, including Seagram, Amoco, Enron, BBC and Johnson and Johnson.  As a frequent visitor to Bangladesh I experienced the plight of villagers in Sylhet and decided to assist them in any way I could. After personally financing projects in the area I decided that more could be done through a formal charity; hence, the Pekbeken-Ali Foundation was born.  

Nihal Pekbeken

Born in Turkey but raised in London, my wife Nihal is an honours graduate from Bournemouth University with a background in Marketing and Public Relations.  She has over 17 years experience working across top UK marketing agencies and most recently as Vice President of Global Marketing for NBC Universal. Nihal supported our fund on past projects and is keen to ensure that more is achieved through the foundation not only in Bangladesh but also in other countries where similar help is needed.

Faruk Pekbeken

Faruk is a Chartered Civil Engineer who graduated from the University of Surrey in 1989 and has over 23 years in the water industry specialising in flood mitigation, infrastructure, environmental enhancement and sustainable development. He is the managing director of Emberton Associates and a Director of Floodline Developments Ltd. Faruk is looking forward to establishing a more structured support programme to help the largest number of people as possible. 

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