Posted: 3 March 2013

We got our first cheque from Easy Fundraising today, so it really does work!

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It works

Posted: 27 February 2013

The structure for the flat roof went up last week and on Monday the 25th of February they started to pour the cement. As it's all manual labour it took all day and was completed by 6pm. Builders said it will be 10-15 days for it to set, so no work will be done on the site

Posted: 16 February 2013

Work has started to create supports for the concrete roof, which will be poured next week. The support is made out of wood and bamboo, which are common building material in Bangladesh. We want to thank everyone for their help, both financially and with time and effort

Posted: 10 February 2013

Fourth week of the building of the school and work is running on schedule. The building is taking shape but there is much more to do and the classrooms to be fitted out. All donations are welcome, please click on "Donate Now" to make a donation. 


Posted: 2 February 2013

Ground works have now been completed at the new school in Nazirow Gow, Sylhet. Works on the walls above ground level have started and both inner and outer walls should be completed in a couple of weeks.


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