Our goal: To ensure that children (boys and girls) across Bangladesh are given the opportunity to complete a full course of primary school education.

“Education is more than a luxury; it is a responsibility that society owes to itself.”- Robin Cook

Bangladesh currently suffers from a high level of illiteracy with around half the population unable to read or write. In remote or rural areas, access to basic primary school education is scarce and even when this is available; most children have to suffer inadequate shelter in which schooling takes place.

Children are entitled to a good and free basic education. However, this is out of reach for many in poor countries. School attendance is far from universal, of an acceptable standard and many children drop out of school before completing their primary education. Those who do attend school receive an inadequate education because of poorly trained, underpaid teachers, working in overcrowded classrooms. They have a lack of basic teaching tools, such as textbooks, blackboards and stationary.

PAF looks to create schools where there is a requirement and replace buildings made of tin which fail to provide a place conductive to a great studying environment. We look to achieve this goal by raising money to build schools through projects such as the 3 Peaks and Mount Kilimanjaro Challenges where all our team members fund their trips personally and donate 100% of the money raised to the charity.

"Teachers are the one and only people who save nations." - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Father of Modern Turkey.

Rooms for Schools Project

In May 2011 we funded the building of a new classroom and furnished a classroom for a school in a deprived area of Sylhet. 

I visited this school in January 2011 while distributing books to the pupils for the new academic year, I saw that some children were being taught in classrooms that were open to the elements. 

It was heart breaking to see that these children were not even afforded the basic requirement of a room in which to be taught. We needed to act because in our experience, a lack of education is one of the key factors affecting poverty.

Building work started almost immediately and was completed by May 2011. We had the pleasure of visiting the school when we went back in April 2012 and saw the classroom being utilised by the children. 

The project was managed in partnership with our operations manager based permanently in Bangladesh. Having someone on the ground managing projects is imperative to get the best value for money for the charity and to prevent any form of corruption.

Private Scholarship

We started a scholarship program in January 2011

The charity occasionally offers private scholarships to individual children. The reason we do this is to prevent the very poorest children being taken out of education to work to support their families. Although the cost is small, we still need to find a more sustainable solution in the future. 

Shakil Ahmed was 10 years old when we found him, Shakil’s mother passed away and his father abandoned him to his maternal grandfather. His grandfather was old and very poor so could not look after him. Shakil was destined for a life of poverty on the streets of Sylhet. 

Jabed Ali was also ten years old at the time. Jabed is from an extremely poor family, where three generations live together in appalling conditions. They had no access to clean drinking water and were susceptible to all sorts of disease. Jabeds father works as a daily labourer, however the money he received did not stretch far, and sometimes no food could be put on the table. Our first concern was to install a water pump for the family so they could have clean water. When we returned we realised there was no chance of Jabed getting any form of education so we decided to act. Jabed, like so many other children in Bangladesh, flourish given the opportunity. 

We approached both families and offered to pay the boys education up to the age of 18. Although the families were proud both accepted our offer and now the boys have been attending school for over a year and both are doing extremely well.

We are looking for more young children, who would benefit from this program. We restrict this to the very poorest children. 

Our Foundation Operations Manager (Bangladesh) monitors the children’s progress on a monthly basis and also visits them to ensure they are okay.

School Project

In March 2013 we opened a brand new school in Nazirow Gow, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

In 2012, PAF managed to raise over £2,500 when a team of 7 climbers completed the 3 Peaks Challenge. This money partly funded the building of school in a village in the Sylhet region. School building construction started at the beginning of 2013 with the foundation stone laid on the 14th of January in a ceremony attended by a local MP and residents. The school was completed and opened in March 2013 by the PAF founder, Mohammed Ali. 

The previous tin structure was replaced by a brick building and will house up to 120 school children. The school will employ a total of 8 teachers providing morning and afternoon classroom shifts in a secure and safe environment. All classrooms are kitted out with desks and benches and the school also holds a small room for the teachers to meet and prepare for their classes. As well as providing for clean, hygienic and well-constructed classrooms, we're also ensuring that clean drinking water and sanitation facilities are available at the school in order to help improve the health of the children. 

Books and Uniforms

In addition to the scholarship, we distribute schoolbooks, uniforms and pay school and exams fees for children who cannot afford to. We never pay money directly to families but pay the fees directly to the schools. We also purchase the schoolbooks and uniforms ourselves and distribute them according to demand.


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