Water Supply Project

Installing water pumps are quite expensive for the average family in Bangladesh.  Very many families do not have direct access to drinking or bathing water.  Bearing this in mind we have so far provided and installed 16 water pumps in villages around Sylhet. This includes drilling boreholes down to the water table, (approx 150 to 180 feet below the surface) and fitting manual pumps.

Community Housing

Most poor people live in either mud huts or corrugated tin houses with tin roofs, during the monsoon season it’s quite common for these houses to be destroyed or blown away. 

Were we can, we do try and build brick houses. So far we have provided 6000 bricks, Cement, Sand and other building materials to build two small dwellings for two families.

We have also re-roofed an additional 16 houses were the roofs were in disrepair and leaking. 

In addition to this we have provided electricity to two houses where they did not have an electricity supply, this included getting the national grid to install a new electric meter to supply the electricity, fitting the wiring and sockets and switches. 

Both these families who have children were previously using oil lanterns for light.

Cooling Fans and Blankets

At the height of summer many homes and schools become unbearable due to high temperatures and it is not enough to just open windows. 

To ensure additional comfort for families, we have brought and installed approximately 13 ceiling fans.

For families who live in mud huts and tin dwellings the winter chill is hard to keep out, no heating systems are available to protect them from the cold as few of these families have appropriate clothing, let alone blankets to keep warm at night.

To date we have brought and distributed over 500 fleece blankets to the people who need it most.  We aim to continue our blanket distribution every winter.

Family Housing

With the recent completion and opening of a new school in Sylhet in March 2013, our focus now turns to a new project which is to provide safe and secure home for a family affected by poverty. They currently live in an unhygienic, unsafe and unacceptable dwelling.

PAF conducts extensive research in Sylhet, seeking out families in need and helping those who would benefit most from our support. The impact on bad housing on families, particularly the development of young children, is both immediate and long term. Poor and overcrowded housing has proven to have a lasting impact on a child's health and wellbeing throughout their life. 

With this in mind, PAF selected a family and conducted a visit to their home in March 2013. What we saw was shocking (pictures can be found on our Facebook page - www.Facebook.com/PAFoundation). 

The family - mother, father, daughter and four sons are living in extreme poverty in a shack made of rusted, corrugated iron which lets in water when it rains. The shack lacks security as there is no door and the family place another sheet of metal over the entrance at night in an attempt to secure it.

The father suffered a stroke last year and is bed bound. They are dependent on a small income from the eldest son, who is the only child of working age. Unfortunately, he has recently incurred a severe head injury at the building site where he works. PAF has provided him with medical assistance and will ensure ongoing medical care. The other children attend school and there is no one else who can bring in the income to support the family.

Having assessed the situation, PAF will build a 3-room brick house for the family, with an additional kitchen and bathing area. In addition to this, PAF will be looking at ways in which to improve the family's future. PAF has already started to ensure the family does not fall back into poverty by providing the eldest son with driving lessons. Once he becomes qualified (within two months), PAF will provide him with a Tuk Tuk, so he can run a "taxi" service to locals to earn a living and provide for the family.

PAF has already contacted an architect to draw up the plans for the new house. To build this family a watertight housing unit will only cost £1,200.

Your donations can help make this a reality sooner rather than later so please donate as much or as little as you can by clicking on "Donate Now". 


We have recently provided a local children’s cricket club with all the kit and equipment for playing cricket, these children cannot normally afford to purchase the kits, bats or balls.  The children normally play in barefoot, so our next aim is to purchase some trainers or boots for the team.


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